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Our firm has the resources, experience, and depth of knowledge to offer the following services to both individuals and businesses. We can deliver the services you need in a professional, fast and cost-efficient manner. 



Sonrise limits its tax preparation services to individuals, sole proprietor businesses and non-profit organizations.  Sonrise is committed to utilizing technology in various ways to enhance our ability to serve our clients’ needs and therefore all eligible tax returns are filed electronically at no added cost to the taxpayer.  Preparation fees are based on the complexity of the return.  Our fee for short form with only W-2 income starts at $49.  This includes federal, state and local tax preparation with electronic filing for federal and state at no additional charge.  Our average fee for all returns (business, rental, farm, investment) is around $150.  Sonrise has succeeded in combining the efficiencies of a larger clientele with the friendliness and warmth of a family business.  Every effort is made to keep the same tax preparer with a client year after year to promote the strengthening of the person-to-person bond.  We remember YOU – not your Social Security Number!


Sonrise has a wealth of experience in preparing returns for individuals that operate home businesses (including day-care operations), rental property owners, truck drivers and tradesmen. Ken Shirk is nationally recognized for his expertise in preparing clergy tax returns and has clergy clientson 5 continents and in 30 states.Sonrise can assist in filing tax returns for residents, part-year residents and non residents of all 50 states.


Our professional staff atSonrise spends untold hours each year maintaining and expanding our knowledge and skills in tax preparation and tax planning. In-house training is supplemented by seminars conducted by various trade associations and government agencies. In addition to a Written Guarantee, the ultimate assurance we give you is that EVERY tax return is personally reviewed by Ken or Aaron before the Gold Approval Seal is applied and the return is allowed to be given to the client. 


SONRISE caters to the payroll needs of employers with a very small number of employees. Many of our payroll clients have only 1-4 employees. Over half of our payroll work is done for churches. Since we understand the complexity and unusual procedures involved when processing payroll for members of the clergy, churches throughout Pennsylvania, as well as other states, rely on us for their payroll needs. We are fully computerized and have the capability of generating check stock in our office that complies with current banking regulations. This allows us to respond instantly to changes in bank accounts, bank mergers, etc.


Electronic filing and direct deposit are among the services we offer. We take pride in our ability to mesh our services into your particular circumstances at a price that is quite competitive and very affordable, even for the smallest of enterprises. Most important of all, when you need us, we’re here to meet your needs promptly, efficiently, and without voice mailboxes! AtSonrise we’re big enough to meet your needs, but small enough to value every client and know your situation personally!



The Ninth Street office of SONRISETagsAndTax is your one-stop-shop for all your licensing and notary needs. We are a bonded messenger service and Decentralized Service Agent for PennDOT. We are also authorized to do work for the PA Fish & Boat Commission and the PA Department of Conservation & Natural Resources. New and renewal registrations can be issued instantly in most situations, eliminating the need for temporary tags and “pink slips”. Sonrise is also registered as a closing agent with several signing services and we handle loan closings for a variety of lenders.


At SonriseTagsAndTax you’ll get person-to-person service and we’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done. We’re not finished until you’re satisfied!


Our Messenger fee is $10 per item and our title transfer fee is $37.50. Other fees are posted in our office or you may call for a quote. Our service is guaranteed to delight you and make you a loyal friend and customer.

One experience and you’ll understand whySonrise is the Notary of choice in the Lebanon Valley!

A Sampling of our Notary Services

  • On the Spot Issuance of New Registration (no T tags needed)

  • Title Transfers

  • Instant Duplicate Registration Cards and Stickers

  • On the Spot Renewals

  • Temporary Tags

  • Birth/Death Certificates

  • Stolen Plate Replacements

  • Snowmobile and ATV Registration

  • Boat Registration

  • Handicapped Placards

  • Out-of-State Titles

  • Reconstructed Titles Vanity Plates

  • Affidavits

  • Passport Photos


A significant aspect of our business is providing tax preparation services for members of the clergy and payroll services for churches and para-church ministries. We also provide financial reviews for churches and evaluate church procedures and policies for the collection, handling and disbursement of funds. Seminars and workshops are available to churches and we stand ready to assist in the design of clergy compensation packages. Our services are generally available regardless of location – we have clients on five continents and in 30 states – thanks to modern technology and the internet.

Our fees for clergy tax preparation vary according to the complexity of the return, but most would fall in the $125 to $200 range. Payroll preparation for a church with a staff of 4 or less would generally cost $750-$800 per year. Please contact us for a customized proposal.


WARNING! Be very careful in selecting a tax professional if you are a member of the clergy. This is a very specialized field and what your preparer doesn’t know, CAN HURT YOU! Three questions can sort the chaff from the grain in this area. Anyone who cannot answer these three questions clearly and without hesitation is not adequately prepared to be entrusted with filing a clergy tax return. Here are those crucial three questions:

1.    What is meant by the “DUAL TAX STATUS OF CLERGY”?

2.    How does the DEASON RULING affect my deduction of expenses?

3.    How does the FAIR RENTAL VALUE of my home affect my HOUSING EXCLUSION?


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